Buhid Script Keyboard for Typing on Cross-platform Devices

Buhid script is one of the indigenous script used in Philippines which closely related to Baybayin and Hanuno’o script. It is still used today by the Mangyan people and mainly found on the island of Mindoro to write their language, Buhid, together with the Filipino Latin script.

The Buhid script has been included on the latest Unicode Standard since it was proposed in 1998 by Michael Everson. Read the full history of the proposal and other Unicode documents of Buhid script on the Wikipedia Buhid (Unicode block) page.

To support the typing method of any script in Cross-platform devices, there is a Keyman Keyboard that can be used. I then created the keyboard layout for the Buhid, as well as the Baybayin keyboard that I’ve created before. With this keyboard, you can type the Buhid script on Windows, Linux, and OS X as well as on Android and iOS. The Keyman also provides on screen keyboard for desktop and web-based keyboard.

You can easily download and install it on your device from the Keyman official website:


Normal position
Shifted position
Mobile version – normal position
Mobile version – numeric layer

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